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Teach Like A Champion (Book & DVD) by Doug Lemov

Teach Like A Champion (Book & DVD) by Doug Lemov

Over the past 12 years, Doug Lemov visited hundreds of classrooms in the United States. 

His mission? Find out what works for teachers, and what doesn’t. After watching thousands of instructional hours of some of the best educators in the country, Lemov distilled what he learned into 49 specific classroom teaching techniques. He aims to take the magic out of successful instruction, and instead provide teachers with easily implemented techniques that “rock star” teachers use to boost student achievement.

His techniques are concrete and easy to implement, and the included DVD shows key steps in action. Lemov’s recommendations for classroom transitions help teachers save hours of precious instructional time over the course of a year; his techniques related to positive framing help teachers foster a healthy classroom environment. With specific tips for setting up routines, dealing with unruly children, time management and staying inspired, Lemov provides a blueprint for educators who want to run a well-behaved, engaged classroom. Every teacher needs this book and included DVD.



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