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The Word Up Project - Level Yellow

The Word Up Project: Level Yellow directly teaches 210 vocabulary words to increase students’ reading and oral comprehension, vocabulary, and writing ability. 

The units teach word meaning through a series of increasingly challenging exposures, including a reading passage, a fun analysis of Greek and Latin roots and an opportunity to put the words to use. The Teacher Resource Book contains a complete guide to using The Word Up Project in the classroom, including lesson plans, additional activities and reproducible tests for each unit. Written at a 7th grade reading level, this title has been used with students in grades 5 to 10 and is proven to raise state test scores. 

Listen to a Song

I was a normal kid with a normal life,
School during the day, sleep during the night.
Until one day, I wasn’t feeling right,
My leg was cramped up, feeling real tight.
I thought it was unimportant and trivial,
But my legs were burning, I could feel it, yo.
And the pain got so intense,
I winced, I flinched, my whole face clenched,
I needed to abate the pain, make it fade,
Needed it to go away with no delay.
Stumbled on down to the nurse’s office,
She thought I was faking, ’cause I do that often.
“Nurse, this time I really feel worse,
Like a vein in my leg could rupture and burst.”
Sat and rolled up my pants on my right leg,
Almost freaked, ’cause my skin was bright red.
Started to panic, head started throbbing,
Beat like a heart beats, steady and hard.
And I cried, “My neighbor’s a doctor, I know the guy,
Please can you just let him know and notify him,
‘Cause my future looks dark and grim.
Will I ever play ball in the park again?
Please, what’s the number for 9-1-1?”
I fainted, thinking that my time had come.

You’re gonna need slow-mo to see me,
Fast like Flo Jo, you can’t beat me.
Hear me coming, “Oh no!”
Feel my breeze please,
Win all races, this is too easy…
Too easy! I could beat a rabbit in a race,
Too easy! Quicker than a rat is in a chase.
Too easy! See me run a lap, you’ll be amazed.
I move with ease with my super speed.

I woke in the hospital all alone,
Looked at my legs, and thought, “Oh no!
What’s my affliction, the cause of my pain?
Could my legs be twisted, broken or sprained?”
Then I noticed and perceived that I felt fine,
Feeling better and better as I passed time.
You know what? I was feeling robust,
Strong like iron, yeah, I’m not lying.
And that’s when things got cool, y’all.
I got up and I started to move, y’all.
Started moving faster, watch me accelerate,
Go even faster, at a better pace.
All of a sudden, it was so abrupt,
My super duper speed just showed up.
I was incredulous, couldn’t believe it,
Ran out the hospital, I just didn’t need it.
Ran on the highway, then in a blur,
In a couple seconds, I visited the world.
Ran to Alaska, waved to a moose,
Then ran to Asia, raced a mongoose.
Ran to Times Square, had a slice there,
Made it back to class with time to spare.
Running like a cheetah, you’re slower than rust,
I’m ghost like Casper—choke on my dust.
True I’m abnormal, nope I’m not normal,
Not average; dude who outperforms whoever
Wants to race me, I’ll defeat all,
Outrun a Porsche in the Flintstone car.
You’ll be flabbergasted and surprised,
When I run right past your eyes.
That’s if you can see me when I pass you by,
’Cause mostly I’m a flash in disguise.


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