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The Word Up Project - Level Orange

The Word Up Project: Level Orange directly teaches 140 vocabulary words to increase students’ reading and oral comprehension, vocabulary, and writing ability. 

The units teach word meaning through a series of increasingly challenging exposures, including a nonfiction reading passage. The Teacher Resource Book contains a complete guide to using The Word Up Project in the classroom, including lesson plans, additional activities and reproducible tests for each unit. Written at a 4th grade reading level, this title can be used with advanced 3rd graders, struggling 5th graders, and English language learners. The program is proven to raise state test scores.


Listen to a Song

My family got a camcorder from Santa,
So now my mom walks around like, “Smile for the camera!”
But we don’t use it much, take it from me,
Maybe once a year; that’s annually.
So I asked my mom, “Can I make a movie?
You know, me and my best friends, Steve and Doogie?”
She said, “You want to use it? I can see that you’re hoping,
But the camera’s fragile; it’s easily broken.
And it’s precious; it cost a lot,
You can use it, OK, but be sure it doesn’t get dropped.”
So like chop-chop, we three
Started making good movies like E.T.
Now that we were permitted and allowed
To use the camera, man, we went so wild.
Our first film was called Knights and Rascals,
We got cardboard swords and stormed a castle.
Doogie played the hero; he was so heroic,
He was so brave, and he always showed it.
I spent that whole movie, the entire thing,
Acting like an ogre in a giant wig.

We called, “Action!”
First we asked my mama,
Then we made spoof comedy-action dramas,
Sci-fi adventures; we went bonkers,
Romantic thrillers with crazy monsters.

Now my sister thought we should reduce
The number of new costumes we used.
You know, use fewer, but that wouldn’t be cool,
We needed capes and chains and monster goo.
We started inviting over other people who
Could add to the movies, and contribute.
Like our mail carrier was awfully stylish
In Attack of the Monkeys from Monkey Island.
The number of films we made indicates and shows
Just how we were on a roll.
We made Copper Chopper parts 1, 2, 3,
And made puppets for The Old Puppet Mystery.
We wrote all the lines ourselves,
Well, my sister Dani, she would give us some help.
But the content of the movies, the stuff inside,
Was all just created by our own minds.
So we went all wild filming lots of stuff,
Yelling, “Action!”; there’s no stopping us.
More action than Batman swimming with sharks,
Steve played a mutant who could see in the dark.
We even convinced Doogie to dress as the princess,
And he did pretty good in that pink dress.
So we make the movies and each week
We show them to our friends, and they usually freak.