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The Word Up Project - Level Indigo

The Word Up Project: Level Indigo directly teaches 140 vocabulary words to increase students’ reading and oral comprehension, vocabulary, and writing ability. 

The units teach word meaning through a series of increasingly challenging exposures, including a nonfiction reading passage. The Teacher Resource Book contains a complete guide to using The Word Up Project in the classroom, including lesson plans, additional activities and reproducible tests for each unit. Written at a 5th grade reading level, this title can be used with advanced 4th graders, struggling 6th graders, and English language learners. The program is proven to raise state test scores.


Listen to a Song

Good evening! Allow me to introduce myself: I am Dracula Junior.

Let me begin with this; you’ve heard the rumors,
How deep in the wilderness and far from humans,
Past the misty mountains, and, in fact,
Just across the river that’s pitch black,
Through the stone trees of the petrified forest
That will leave you scared and petrified in a moment,
There’s an immense castle on a cliff,
So big that it can’t be missed; that’s where he lives.
He only comes out at night,
That’s the only time when he’s feeling right.
They say if he saw the sun, he would perish and die,
So he’s like, “The day is yours, the night is mine!”
But I know he lives a solitary life, all alone,
He must be sad in that big old home.
His dad’s gone, but this guy will never die,
’Cause he’s the son of Dracula, the vampire.

He’s not scared of garlic,
He’s not scared of stones,
Not scared of silver bullets or stakes,
But he’s scared of being alone…

But Dracula Junior isn’t like the others,
He decided to be different from his brothers.
He didn’t want that R-rated life; he wanted PG,
“You can see me in the club dancing to the Bee Gees!”
He just wanted juice, he didn’t want blood,
He didn’t want a werewolf; he wanted a pug.
Most vampires, yeah, they only want blood,
But Dracula Junior— well, I call him DJ—
DJ just wanted to relax in his PJs,
Buying Pokemon cards on eBay.
DJ said, “I can’t be negative and bad,
A life without nice stuff is sad.”
So he abolished and ended his vampire ways,
“From now on, I’m relaxing for entire days.”
Wow, what a concept or idea,
He changed his whole life right there.
Now DJ’s grilling on the barbecue in the back,
In his kiddie pool he likes to relax.
Listening to samba, twice a week he calls up his mama,
And he’s reading the autobiography of Obama.
Plus he throws a banquet Friday nights,
A giant meal with food that’s just out of sight.
Yeah, he’s following recipes like a playbook,
And now he has over 500 friends on Facebook.

“You should friend me. Anyways, I moved from Transylvania to South Carolina. Myrtle Beach. I play miniature golf with my friends. It’s like regular golf only smaller. Ah ha ha! I love it!”


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