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Hip-Hop U.S. History

The student textbook and CD cover American history from before Columbus through the civil rights movement. 

The book provides the lyrics as well as the historical context surrounding each event and figure, plus additional high-interest sections to help today’s students connect with American history. The Teacher Resource Book (in six-packs and class sets) provides easy-to-use lesson plans, term sheets, “beyond the song” writing ideas and unit assessments that explicitly mimic state tests. The program has [increased state test scores] in New York State.

Listen to a Song

So even though we face the difficulties
of today and tomorrow, I still have a dream.
It is a dream deeply rooted
in the American dream.

I have a dream that one day this nation
will rise up and live out
the true meaning of its creed:
We hold these truths to be self-evident
that all men are created equal.
I have a dream…

It would take a nation of millions to hold us back.
Brown v. Board opened some doors.
Back then they called all blacks Negroes.
We kick it off of the top sort of like cerebrals.
Separate isn’t equal, when in practice.
My school is a shack. Mine is a palace!
Do I have to sit in the back of the bus? That’s wackness.
Second class citizen on account of my blackness.
They say to change the world, you’ve got to take a stand.
Rosa Parks took a seat, changed the face of the land.
Martin had a plan that even if you want to change the world
that don’t mean you’ve got to kill another man.
Inspired by the people like Thoreau and Gandhi,
a pacifist in the war without an army.
‘Cause they can’t harm me, no matter how the end seems.
I wonder if Mr. King is still having dreams…

Let freedom ring…

I have a dream…
Let freedom ring…
This must become true...

So let freedom ring…

MLK had a dream, took it mainstream.
Civil Rights Bill, Voting Rights Acts, they passed.
Modern day Jesus, turning the other cheek,
some blacks like “dog, that’s weak.
I’m not looking to get beat deep into next week,
my everyday life is police brutality.”
Malcolm picked up X and dropped his slave name,
radical change, “defense by any means.”
Went on hajj to Mecca, said ‘let God protect ya,
Whites and Blacks, yeah, we’re in this together.’
But there are race riots, people are dying,
Warfare in Watts, tear gas, bullets are flying.
He got assassinated.
He got assassinated.
Malcolm X?
He got assassinated.
So it’s up to us to keep that dream alive…

Let freedom ring…
I have a dream…
Let freedom ring…
This must become true...
So let freedom ring...

Let us not seek to satisfy our thirst for freedom
by drinking from the cup of bitterness and hatred.

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