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Hip-Hop History of the World: Part I

Hammurabi is back on the mic. From the dawn of human existence through the Renaissance, this book and CD make ancient history seem brand-new. 

The Student Book and CD feature the songs and their lyrics as well as vivid prose that explains the stories and information behind them. With a truly global approach, Hip-Hop World History covers: hunter-gatherers, the Fertile Crescent civilizations, Egypt, India, China, Persia, Greece, Rome, Byzantine, major world religions, Middle Ages in Asia, Middle Ages in Africa, Middle Ages in Europe, Mesoamerica, the Muslim Empire and the Renaissance. The Teacher Resource Book provides easy-to-use lesson plans, term sheets, “beyond the song” writing ideas and unit assessments that explicitly mimic state tests.


Listen to a Song

I woke up this morning in feudal Japan,
The guest of the shogun, that dude was the man.
And even though the Emperor ruled the land,
Sometimes the shogun bows down to no one,
That makes him the guy to know,
Elected by the daimyo.
They on the farmland, where the poor peasants try to
Grow crops and such, but they’re not too tough,
So the samurai defend them
When the block gets rough.
Horses, swords and armor, Bushido, code of honor,
Meant the Samurai loves his lord more than his mama.
And if there was drama,
They did something I’ll never do,
To avoid shame or disgrace, they commit seppuku.
That’s suicide, maybe not for you and I,
But when you don’t fear death,
It ain’t much for you to die.
Many are Zen Buddhists,
They don’t worry about their body;
Others are Shinto, they say everything is “kami.”
I thanked the shogun, he said, “No prob.” He got me.
“Come back anytime for karate and kamikazes,
Origami, plum sake in Nagasaki.”
That’s Flocabulary, see Bully at the library.

Philippines and Thailand,
China, Taiwan, and Japan,
Indonesia, and Malaysia,
That’s Asia, man. That’s Asia, man.

Korea and Mongolia,
Laos and Cambodia,
Vietnam and Bangladesh,
That’s Asia, man. That’s Asia, and...

The other day I tried to call up my boy, Tom,
You know Tom from Myspace?
But I guess the lines got crossed.
I ended up chatting with Genghis Khan,
He told me what was going on in Asia, man.
He spit a long rhyme for me, he could flow for days,
About the Song Dynasty, China’s golden age.
Those were the days when they printed money to trade,
And the Song used gunpowder in their bombs.
But Genghis Khan said that it didn’t last long,
‘Cause he rode through with an army,
Many thousand strong,
Divided into groups of ten. Khan would give the orders
And his men would start slaughtering the competition
When he told them to. With bows and horses,
Those the boldest troops the world had ever seen.
Khan knew many women, biblically.
Rewards for the best, that’s a meritocracy.
And Khan had a fifth of the world at his knees.

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