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Beats, Rhymes & Science

The songs on this CD take standards-based science content and put it over catchy beats. 

Difficult science content has never been so accessible. The student textbook and CD form a comprehensive review of middle school science topics, perfect for test preparation or as a classroom supplement to more traditional methods. The book and CD cover the science that is tested in 8th grade in most states, including Earth science, life science, basic chemistry, physics and astronomy. The Teacher Resource Book includes lesson plans, support materials, terms sheets and unit assessments that mirror those on state tests.


Listen to a Song

I’m planet Earth, space is the place, I’m the globe,
Bet you didn’t know the third rock and roll got soul,
And gravitational pull. I orbit around the sun,
And every 12 months make a revolution.
Or better yet 365 (and a quarter!) days,
As I rotate change into night.
Why? You should ask Isaac Newton,
The Law of Inertia is governing the movement.
Gravity’s the force that will keep us on course,
We’re heading straight toward the sun,
But at the same time forward,
Flying in space – an elliptical line that’s not straight,
The path that I’m destined to have until it breaks.
So now you heard of what inertia is,
I’ve been orbiting way more than any person lives.
And until another force acts on me,
Run around the sun with the moon on my back, homie.

Confessions of a planet
These are confessions of a planet

With a 25,000 mile circumference at my equator,
I’m living large!
And as the day gets old,
The tilt of my axis controls the seasons you know.
I lean forward and it’s warm,
Or then I lean back and it’s chillier than normal.
And if my rotation is taking in sunlight,
Surprise, the heat of the summertime arrives.
But on the other side of the equator or my center,
People there enter into winter.
Whether you’re in the east by the way that I spin,
The sun appears to rise, in the west it descends.
Then come follow me to the poles,
The bottom and the top of the globe,
And it always stays cold.
Up to the north and down to the south,
Longitude and latitude will keep you en route.
But it’s all relative in space,
’Cause there is no direction, there is no escape.

Confessions of a planet
These are confessions of a planet

Even still - the sun is 300 times more massive yo!
Not to hurt the sun’s ego, there’s billions of stars,
It’s just the closest one we know,
Regal, at the center of the solar system.
The planets are my fam I can list them, listen:
Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars,
Known for being rocky and small not large.
Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune are larger and gaseous,
But farther and past is Pluto, a dwarf planet made of ice.
But even smaller is what you people call a satellite,
Like, many planets have them, mine is the moon,
Its gravity controls tides too.
Move! Before the asteroid hits. Meteor, comet!
But we were a bunch of AU’s from it. What?
It’s 93 million miles to the sun,
Measured in astronomical units is ONE!

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